Friday, February 01, 2013

SATURDAY: Gina Bentivegna: Solo Exhibition opens at Green Room in Fort Lauderdale

"Octavia Rose" by Gina Bentivegna (Courtesy of the artist)
Gina Bentivegna: Solo Exhibition, the first solo show by Green Room art coordinator Gina Bentivegna, will include 17 paintings (including seven from Shine, her series based on tarot card readings), as well as four drawings, an installation,  three painted/collaged guitars and eight collages that contain cutouts, drawings, and words, both in print and handwritten.

Gina Bentivegna's "The Queen of Cups"
(Image courtesy of the artist)
One of her collages, titled "Show Me Your Bones" contains skeletal drawings, bits of images and three lines of bright pink handwritten text that reads "Never tell him that you are sorry."

In other works such as "This Dead Flower," the written words are partially hidden with parts of them sticking out from behind cut-out images and text, making it impossible to read them in their entirety.

"When it comes to my writing, a lot of it really is simply a puzzle," notes Bentivegna.  "Most of the work is not really what it seems. The pieces that are collaged over/covered are those that I did not want to read or be read by anyone. I do not believe in throwing away thoughts or art so I used them underneath other things. Its always been a philosophy of mine that if something provoked enengy or thoughts to create, it should never be trashed."

 Other works include "Making Love in Japan," a collage, and "The Queen of Cups" (shown here), a painting from her Shine series.

While Bentivegna also plays guitar, the three painted guitars in her show were ones she rescued from the trash at the music store where she works. She's been painting such guitars for a few years. "The instruments were broken and stripped of parts," she explains.

Now she's given them new life, and brought them back to a place where they surely are more at home: a music venue.

Gina Bentivegna's solo exhibition will open at 10 p.m. Feb. 2 with music by Ex Norwegian, live painting by Jah Linx and Jonathan Vinazza, body art by Keegan Hitchcock, tunes from DJs Andie Sweetswirl and Essential6, tarot readings by Maricruz and sweets by Mimi Does Cakes. The exhibition continues through Feb. 9 on the first floor of Green Room, 109 S.W. Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Call 954-449-1030 or visit

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