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FLASHBACK: Lake Worth Street Painting Festival

Serafima Sokolov holding an image of the work she and Miguel Cruz planned.  
It's been six or seven years since I attended my first Lake Worth Street Painting Festival, but now it's an annual tradition. I particularly like going on Sunday because it's a good mix of still-in -progress and completed works.

Rain, however, can throw off everything, and many artists were in for a surprise when they arrived to work on their pieces on Sunday and discovered the results of a downpour.

Serafima Sokolov, who was  collaborating on a street painting with Miguel Cruz, said they had spent Saturday working on a piece that, at day's end, was 75 percent finished. Sometime after they left, however, it rained and even the tarp didn't help.

But on Sunday, Sokolov was still smiling. She and Miguel revised their plan and kept right on going. Asked whether she was devastated about losing her work, Sokolov didn't seem too bothered and said it really helped that all of the artists were going through the same thing ... It's the sort of thing that can create camaraderie, enough of it to get artists through a hot, hot day of painting on a street while surrounded by legs, dogs on leashes and cameras constantly snapping pics of their sweaty, chalky selves.

Downtown Lake Worth was one busy little beehive on Sunday morning.

By day two of the fest some of the work spaces have sort of a comfortable lived-in look.

Hats are more than a fashion accessory during day-long sunshiny painting sessions.

I notice that some people choose the same colors for their paintings that they choose for their clothes. Somehow, that makes sense to me.

I see so many people sitting right in their chalky work .... but these two seem to have it down to a system. Wonder if they've done this before.

Finished works (not washed out by rain) were still very much in the minority, even around mid-day on Sunday. This one was particularly cute, I thought.

So many healthy food options ... and so difficult to choose, so I'll just have the funnel cakes with a side of deep-fried Oreos and curly fires please. Haha. Just kidding ... but I do enjoy some curly fries now and again.

Wild Bill's seems to be a magnet for boys in blue shirts. I guess they like the big mugs and unlimited refills.

Poutine Dog is a more permanent Lake Worth eatery, Believe it or not, there are 15 different kinds of poutines served here aside from the poutine dog which comes on a grilled bun topped with French fries and cheese curds smothered in gravy and sprinkled with crispy bacon. We're talking grilled cheese poutine, baby back ribs poutine and pepperoni poutine. So the question is: What could be crazier than a cafe called Poutine Dog?

Answer: Bungee-jumping activities just outside a place where most dishes start with these basic items: French fries, cheese curds and gravy.

Lake Worth Street Painting Festival draws artists from beyond South Florida ... Cynthia Kostylo is from Carlsbad, CA.

It looks like the rain really did a number on this piece, but that artist, he looks determined.

When two Ms are better than one: "Comming Soon: Play It Again Music Store"  ... Hey, everyone makes mmistakes.

I know a work by Eduardo Mendieta when I see one ... which I did in F.A.T. Village, just one night before this event. Check it out at the top of this post.

Street painting sometimes requires contortionist moves.

Street painting ... as far as the eye can see.

There are lots of empty shoes laying around on the streets of Lake Worth during this festival. Wonder how many times dogs walk off with one of them.

Here's a puppy in a tutu! Not that she would run off with shoes or anything, but you know what they say about pups raised on pink shoelaces.

Chalky artists are everywhere at Lake Worth Street Painting Festival.

Again, hats are a must ... but even with a hat, look at this picture. Can't you just feel the intensity of the sun?

You know she's gotta be hot out there too, but he's got the right idea.

This artist, however, is likely the envy of many artists ... in the end, it's all about the size of your umbrella, and clearly she wins the contest for biggest umbrella hands down.

But we, as spectators, win the contest for best brilliant idea for cooling down .... Get off the crowded block and head to an Irish pub for a big old glass of Guinness. Long after we finished our pints, fries and other things, Serafima Sokolov and Miguel Cruz were still working in the big hot sun. Ah, but look down below at the payoff ....

Through rain, dogs, cameras or what the heck ever, Serafima and Miguel delivered, and their story is  one of many that unfolds on the streets during Lake Worth Street Painting Festival. The pic above is from Miguel Cruz's Facebook page.

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