Friday, January 25, 2013

SATURDAY: ArtHeart's Freedom is two shows, one day, 28 artists on Jan. 26

"And Now I See" by Emilee Rose McGovern (Photo provided by ArtHeart)
Ramp 48
6290 N.W. 27th Way, Fort Lauderdale,

"Flying" by Cary Polkovitz (Courtesy of the artist)
Freedom, presented by ArtHeart, will feature works by 28 artists, all of whom will exhibit at two events, including a 9.5-hour party at Ramp 48 followed by a four-hour bash at the Green Room.

Artists (who will exhibit at both venues) will include Alexis Colbert, Detourbutterfly, Cary Polkovitz, Ian M. Santos, Eduardo Mendieta, Niki Lopez, Blair Hess, Katya Neptune, Oleander & Mint, Sole del Real, Kris Starry and others. ArtHeart, which holds local art exhibitions to raise money for charities, is currently trying to raise money to help support orphans in Rwanda through Zoe Ministry.

The Ramp 48 event will feature an art exhibition, live art, a mural collaboration, installations, a 2 p.m. skate competition, art raffles, music, live screen painting and special guest Steve Caballero, artist and pro-skater. The event runs from noon to 9:30 p.m. Jan. 26. Admission is $5, $10 for those who are also skating. There's also a $10 entry fee for those participating in the skate competition.

After Ramp 48, the artists will head to Green Room (109 S.W. Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale) where more of their works are being featured at a four-hour party that starts at 10 p.m. and will feature music by DJs Andie Sweetswirl, Mig and Jasper Delaini and an auction of a collaborative piece completed by five of the artists in the show. Admission is $5.

You can preview a few of the works in the slide show above. To read the accompanying captions (which include the artist's name and title of work), click the lower right hand corner of the slide show and click "show info" (at top) so you can read the text for each ...  or simply view the Flickr set.

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