Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Local spotlight: Martin Casuso

Martin Casuso.
Miami Beach artist Martin Casuso (photo credit: Annette Baddour)

Martin Casuso, a Miami Beach artist who spent around 15 years working in the antique business, says his appreciation of objects and their untold tales began as a child when he and his brother would go to the seawall in their Coconut Grove neighborhood and build forts from treasures they found there.

Their finds included rusty copper, sun-bleached detergent bottles and abandoned boats, which they would use until someone took them away. “I remember as a kid just being fascinated by these objects,” Casuso says. “I knew what they were, but in this environment they gained a sense of drama and mystery, because how did they get here and whose were they?”

The multimedia artist, who earned his master in fine arts from University of Miami last year, brings a similar sense of wonder to the afghans he fondly refers to as “scary grandmother quilts.” Fourteen years ago, he began searching them out in thrift stores, where he'd buy as many as 50 at a time for about 50 cents each.

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