Friday, March 30, 2012

The Art of Saturday

(Image courtesy of Odd Duck Bazaar)

Hollywood Central Performing Arts Center 1770 Monroe Street, Hollywood,

Odd Duck Indie Craft Fair and Bazaar, an indoor-outdoor event featuring handmade crafts more than 80 vendors, a DIY craft tent and live music from Sosos and Bela Kawalec in a new venue near Young Circle Arts Park , noon to 6 p.m. March 31. Cost: $5, free for kids under 2.The first 100 guests will receive a hand-printed re-usable totebag of goodies with at least one item from a participating vendor. The Odd Duck afterparty, featuring two-for-one drink specials, will be held 6-8 p.m. at Mickey Byrnes Irish Pub in downtown Hollywood.

Cinema Paradiso
306 S.E. Sixth St., Fort Lauderdale

Invisible Bands, a documentary focusing on the late 1970s and early 1980s South Florida punk and new wave scene that included The Eat, Critical Mass, The Cichlids, Charlie Pickett & The Eggs, The Front and  The Reactions, will be shown at an event that will also feature live music and on the back patio, art from former punk musicians such as Gregory McLaughlin (The Front, Velvascurge), Isaac Baruch (The Reactions, US Furies), Jill Kahn (Psycho Daisies), Larry Joe Miller (Larry Joe Miller & The Rockabilly Rockets) and Ian Hammond (DT Martyrs).

After the documentary, there will be performances by Boise Bob and his Backyard Band, Charlie Pickett, DT Martyrs, Mr. Entertainment and The Pookiesmackers, 90's Teen, Rat Bastard and To Be Hated, and the bands will cover songs by The Eat, The Reactions, The Front, The Cichlids, Gay Cowboys in Bondage, Myron & The 2 Wotz, Spanish Dogs, The Essentials and other local groups. DJ Skidmark will also spin local selections.

The event starts at 8 p.m. March 31. Admission is $10 with proceeds going to Stranahan High School's music department in honor of former musician Pete Moss (Peter Murtha 1962-1997).
A still from Antonia Wright's video I Scream Therefore I Am (Image courtesy of artist)
Chick Flicks, held the last Saturday of each month, features screenings of films and documentaries that "spotlight cinematic treatments of female photographers." Each month, the featured film is preceded by a short video by a local artist. Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006) will be shown at the March 31 Chick Flicks, following a showing of Miami artist Antonia Wright's underwater video titled, I Scream Therefore I Am.

F.A.T. Village Art Walk
Just west of Andrews Avenue between Northwest Fourth Avenue and Northwest Sixth Avenue in Fort Lauderdale,

F.A.T. Village Art Walk runs 7-11 p.m. March 31 and will include:
 ∗ Simunye/We Are One, billed as Janet Slom's "art-filled multi-sensory installation intended to invoke a mindful experience - a space of peace and light in a time of great societal and political turmoil" at The Projects (519 N.W. First Ave.) (See video above)
 ∗ Tuta Veloso's photography exhibition that runs through April 20 at Sheut and Green's Art Studio (115 N.W. Fifth St.)
JoAnn Nava's "Noah" (opening bid $150) (Courtesy of the artist)
  Urban Grit, an exhibition curated by Alfred Phillips and Francisco Sheuat, and including works by Julio Green, Joshua Hunter Davis, Ryota Iwai, Chris Lopez, Eduardo Mendieta, Michael Mills, Alfred Phillips, Bonnie Shapiro, Francisco Sheuat and Mate Thitisawat at The Factory (501 N. Andrews Ave., Suite 103).
Restoring Balance, an exhibition in which artists Debra Kaszovitz, Mary Larsen, Kristo Nicolas, Doris Rodriguez and Paula Turk address how to bring humans into balance with nature, at World and Eye (109 N.W. Fifth St.)
  JoAnn Nava's silent auction of works from her Chinatown, Urban Imagery and Faces series, in Alfred Phillips studio (313 N.W. Fifth St.).

Green Room
109 S.W. Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale, 954-449-1030,

WeMerge Magazine release party will feature live art, an art show and music by My Amends, Kezia, The Opening, Phantomine, Falseta, Needless to Say, Kill the Messengers and resident DJ Andie Sweetswirl at a 7.5-hour party. Admission is free, but $5 donations will be accepted at the door, with proceeds going towards coloring books for kids. The party starts at p.m. March 31.


Alejandra von Hartz Gallery
2630 N.W. Second Ave., Miami, 305-438-0220,

Pachi Giustinian: Things in the Air, an exhibition by an artist who enjoys finding new painting methods, includes work produced during her recent yearlong residency in Miami. The show runs through March 31.

Boswell Mourot Fine Art
Commodore Inn Atrium, 3162 Commodore Plaza, Miami, 305-528-4971,

Black White and In Between, featuring work by Astrid Sohn, Carla Davis, Diana B. Ashley, John Allison, Jon Etienne Mourot, Helen Broadfoot, Kelly Edwards, Marissa Mason, Robin Loucks, Samuel Gray and Winston Taylor, runs through March 31.

WDNA Gallery
2921 Coral Way, Miami

Man Or War, a solo exhibition of ink drawings, sculpture and video by Ruben Millares, has been billed as the largest collection of art ever to be displayed in the WDNA Jazz Gallery. The opening starts at 7 p.m. March 31.

TD Gillispie's Where the Heart Is will be on exhibit at Outside the Box at Whitespace. (Image courtesy of the artist)
Whitespace: The Mordes Collection
2805 N. Australian Ave., West Palm Beach, 561-842-4131,

Outside the Box, the final day of the two-day outdoor installation art exhibition curated by Sibel Kocabasi and featuring works by 22 artists including Bardin O'Neal, Birds Are Nice + Kern, Carolyn Sickles, Eren Kocabasi, Kenza Ayed runs 7:30-11 p.m. March 31.

Daydream I by Georgeta Fondos (Image courtesy of the artist)
Georgeta Fondos will exhibit Daydream I, the first in her series of site-specific works about transformation and change. Fondos used a gas lamp to scorch synthetic fabrics and then connected the forms to create a pattern she says is remindful of leaves or flowers and symbolic of her daydreams. The work, which is eight feet tall and four to five feet wide, will hang at the entrance just above visitors' heads.

Kristin Miller Hopkins will show a video based on 75 slides she altered by scratching, painting and sewing. One slide fades into the next in her work that explores memory and the question of whether we remember certain people, places and events, or recall photographs of them.

The show runs 7:30-11 p.m. March 30 and 31. Admission is $7, and additional $5 for those who plan to enter Whitespace. To read Arterpillar's story on Outside the Box, visit Sun-Sentinel's Showtime.

 For info on more South Florida art news and events, visit

The Art of Friday

Zhivago Duncan's "MASCHINE" at Fredric Snitzer Gallery (photo courtesy of Fredric Snitzer Gallery)

Fredric Snitzer Gallery
2247 N.W. First Place, Miami, 305-448-8976,

Futile is a solo exhibition by Zhivago Duncan whose paintings, kinetic sculptures, and post-apocalyptic dioramas have been featured at CFA Berlin, Saatchi Gallery London and the Von der Heydt Museum, Wupertal Germany. The show, which will feature MASCHINE, a large remote-controlled spray painting machine.  According to Snitzer's press release, "Rather than employing a trained professionalʼs exacting technique, Duncan captures the childʼs fully present and intuitive act of creation by using the machine to distance the painter from his calculated process. Surrendering control, the artist allows the machine to execute unpracticed marks onto the canvas, resulting in an array of sprayed strokes on a gesso white field."

The exhibition will open with a reception and performance by Zhivago Duncan 6-8 p.m. March 30 and run through April 28. Regular gallery hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.

Miami Beach Urban Studios Gallery
420 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, 305-531-5220,

Impermanence is an exhibition curated by David Castillo and Samantha Salzinger, will feature works by Felice Grodin, Catalina Jaramillo, Johnny Laderer and Tom Scicluna. The artists, according to a statement about the show, "source from sculpture, performance, installation, and architecture in visual vocabularies that allow their works to function as fleeting interventions of past conditions." The show runs 6-9 p.m. March 30 and runs through May 4.  

The Moore Space
4040 N.E. Second Ave., Second Floor, Miami, 786-975-9596,

Spoken Soul Festival, organized by WomenArts and produced locally by local art advocates, a celebration of female artists, runs March 30 through April 1. For more info, see

Charest Weinberg
230 N.W. 23rd St. #408, Miami, 305-292-0411,

Eclipse, a solo exhibition by Berlin-based artist Hannes Bend, features wreckage dredged from the Osborne Reef, off the coast of Fort Lauderdale. As explained in the gallery's press release, "The reef began in 1972, when the Broward Artificial Reef Inc. Company (BARINC) began dumping car tires in hopes that they would foster marine life. With close to 2 million tires today, the Osborne is now an ecological catastrophe."

The exhibition will include two videos. Eclipse, 2012 depicts "blue sky interrupted by passing cars, industrial equipment, and the underbellies of passenger airplanes," while Aquadome, 2012 "juxtaposes different watery environments: the shoreline, the Osborne Reef, aquariums and swimming pools." The exhibition will open 6-9 p.m. March 30 and run through June 2.


St. Lawrence Gallery
3556 N. Ocean Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, 954-566-8011,

Lois Whelan, Richard Amann and John Bowen will exhibit paintings in an show that opens 6-8 p.m. March 30 with wine, munchies and raffle tickets ($5 to $20) for door prizes. Ten percent of the proceeds will go to Women in the Visual Arts' Lynn Travis Stender Scholarship.
Sibel Kocabasi, curator of Outside the Box (Photo courtesy of the artist

Artist and independent curator Sibel Kocabasi says her website, which typically averages 1,000 visits per year, recently got 30,000 views over the span of a few months. The lure: Her call to artists for an open-air installation show. "Everybody was like click, click, click," she says.

"Outside the Box," the resulting two-night exhibition outside Whitespace: The Mordes Collection in West Palm Beach, will feature 22 artists exhibiting works that include a 22-foot-high inflatable dress, a house, and short films projected onto the building's exterior walls.

... To read the rest of my story, visit Sun-Sentinel's Showtime.

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Outside the Box

Sibel Kocabasi, curator of Outside the Box
Artist and independent curator Sibel Kocabasi says her website, which typically averages 1,000 visits per year, recently got 30,000 views over the span of a few months. The lure: Her call to artists for an open-air installation show. "Everybody was like click, click, click," she says.

"Outside the Box," the resulting two-night exhibition outside Whitespace: The Mordes Collection in West Palm Beach, will feature 22 artists exhibiting works that include a 22-foot-high inflatable dress, a house, and short films projected onto the building's exterior walls.

To read the rest of Arterpillar's story, visit Sun-Sentinel's Showtime.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Amy Looks Closer checks out The First Three at XS Contemporary Art Space in Fort Lauderdale. (Photo courtesy of Amy Gross)
∗ Amy Gross check out The First Three, a show that runs through April 8 at at Xtra Small Contemorary Art Space in Fort Lauderdale, and brings back some pics and a post on Amy Looks Closer.

Anne Tschida wrote a story on Swampspace owner and artist Oliver Sanchez for the Biscayne Times.


Chuck Loose, owner of Iron Forge Press, is the subject of a nice video profile (above) by Sailor Jerry.

Bear and Bird Gallery posted gobs of pics of the works in Square Show 2. It runs through April 27, so there's still plenty of time to check it out.

Arterpillar: It goes well with meals. (Photo courtesy of AdrienneRose Gionta)
∗ Arterpillar finds fame on AdrienneRose Gionta's blog (The Diary of ARG) in this pic titled "Break with Arterpillar." So now we have me posting AdrienneRose's picture of Arterpillar, which includes a pic by AdrienneRose ... of two fashionable and mischievous looking ladies in hats. My new motto: Arterpillar: It goes well with meals, as does AdrienneRose's regular photo feature.

Sun-Sentinel's Rod Hagwood wrote about the 13-artist Women in History art exhibit that runs through March 31 in Wilton Manors.

∗ ArtDistricts Magazine has announced that Julie Davidow will be its featured artists for the April/May 2012 issue

∗ Miami artist Naomi Fisher talked to The New York Times about her recent show at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, "3 a.m. dance floor spazz-outs" and moving to a new studio.

Diana Contreras's "Love Yourself" stickers at Spoken Soul Festival. (Photo courtesy of the artist)
Diana Contreras posts about the "Love Yourself" stickers you can get this weekend at Spoken Soul Festival 2012 at The Moore Space in Miami.

∗ A bunch of Miami pics in Beached Miami's new Instapix section.

∗ Margulies Agency has posted a video about The Surface Merchants' recent "Branching Out" mural at Arteamericas 20. Artists included Alex Yanes, Ruben Ubiera and Daniel Fila.

John Bailly, the professor behind FIU's Aesthetics & Values class, discusses the concept behind the Aesthetics & Values show organized by students who are not art majors on a video by Art Is About.  The show runs through April 18.

Valentina Ramos shares pics of Arabella, a cow she fell in love with and draws and paints over and over in many different ways, all of them in obsessively detailed Ramos-style. If you like Arabella, check out Valentina Design's Etsy shop.

Girls' Club posts about a call for proposals for Lee Wagner Art Gallery at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and a call for video-based artworks by Miami's LegalArt.

Anne Tschida writes about Locust's new space and the shows Shortness of Breath and High Low and In Between which run through April 27.

"Intergalactic Mighty Noonz" by Kristin Frenzel (Photo courtesy of artist)

∗ My recommendation for putting a smile on your face, or someone else's face: Order one of Krisin Frenzel's Kitty Cat Adventures. The one she posted most recently, Interglactic Mighty Noonz is at left. 

Onajide Shabaka of MAeX Artblog posts about the call for entries for the 8th Borscht Film Festival, along with some details.

∗ Check out Rosanna Pereyra's beautiful "Paper Cottage."

∗ Legal Art Miami has posted a Q&A featuring commonly asked questions artists have about about copyrights.

Crissa Jean Chappell's been sniffing the new proof copies of her new book NARC and posts her fond memories of carrying around paperbacks as a kid.

Number 423 by Ross Ford (Photo courtesy of Ross Ford)
∗ Former Miami artist Ross Ford recently posted his first painting of 2012. The artist, who moved to North Carolina awhile back, has been busy working on prints since January. I love the latest in his ongoing series of faces.

Jesus Manuel Rojas Torres writes up I Witness, an exhibition of works by 25 photojournalists at Bernice Steinbaum Gallery. The show, curated by Steinbaum and Carl P. Juste, runs through April 4.

Legal Art posts about partnering with Common Threads for Pairings, an event featuring food, art and entertainment. Chow Down Grill, Gastropod and Mad Max Jacks will provide the food and artists Liz Ferrer, Patti Hernandez, Jiae Hwang, Lucas Leyva Jillian Mayer, Jared Sharon, Leo Valencia, Amy von Harrington and Pioneer Winter will show their art. Tickets are $25 online and $40 at door, and the show is 7-10 p.m. tonight at 1035 N. Miami Ave., Suite 200, Miami. 

Check out Arterpillar's list of artist opportunities.

Betweeners is a regular feature that allows Arterpillar to justify her time spent reading other local art blogs and surfing for local art news ... and to talk about herself in third person in italics. 

 For info on more South Florida art news and events, visit

The Art of Thursday

Cremaster Cycle

Bill Cosford Cinema
University of Miami School of Communications, 5030 Brunson Drive, Coral Gables, 305-284-4861, 

Cremaster Cycle, which will will be presented as part of the Cinema's Shock Me, Shock Me: A Cinema of Transgression Series, is the Miami premiere of artist Matthew Barney's five-cycle project that New York Times' Michael Kimmelman called "an inspired benchmark of ambition, scope and forthright provocation for art in the new century"and The Guardian deemed "one of the most imaginative and brilliant achievements in the history of avant-garde cinema."

The films, which the 45-year-old sculptor, photographer and filmmaker made over a period of seven years, needn't be viewed chronologically, and weren't all made in order. Each can be seen March 29 through April 1 at various times. To see all five, it will cost you three tickets - a total of $21 to $27, depending on whether you qualify for a discount - and 399 minutes.

Here's the synopsis of each, as offered by Cosford Cinema, which notes on its site that, "Cremaster Cycle is not now, nor will it ever be available on DVD. "

Cremaster 1 (41 minutes, 1995): "A musical revue performed on the blue Astroturf playing field of Bronco Stadium in Boise, Idaho – Matthew Barney's hometown. Two Goodyear blimps float overhead and chorus girls on the field glide in time to the musical score. Cremaster 1 symbolizes a still-androgynous sexuality, a state of pure potential. Features Marti Domination as Goodyear."

Cremaster 2 (79 minutes, 1999): "A gothic Western that introduces conflict into the system. On the biological level it corresponds to the phase of fetal development during which sexual division begins. In Barney's abstraction, the system resists partition and tries to remain in the state of equilibrium imagined in Cremaster 1. Cremaster 2 embodies this regressive impulse through its looping narrative, shifting from 1977, the year of Gary Gilmore's execution, to 1893 when Harry Houdini, who may have been Gilmore's grandfather, performed at the World's Columbian Exposition. Features Norman Mailer as Houdini and Matthew Barney as Gilmore."

Cremaster 3 (181 minutes, 2002)
: "Set in New York City and narrating the construction of the Chrysler Building, which is itself a character: the host to inner, antagonistic forces at play for access to the process of (spiritual) transcendence. These forces take form in the struggle between Hiram Abiff or the Architect (played by Richard Serra), and the Entered Apprentice (played by Barney), who are both working on the building while reenacting scenes from Masonic mythology. The film pauses midway for a choric interlude which rehearses the initiation rites of the Masonic fraternity through allegorical representations of the five-part Cremaster Cycle, all staged in the Guggenheim Museum. Features Aimee Mullins as the Entered Novitiate."

Cremaster 4 (43 minutes, 1994): "Adheres most closely to the project's biological model, describing the system's onward rush toward descension despite its resistance to division. The Loughton Candidate (played by Barney) is a satyr with two sets of impacted sockets in his head - two arcing upward, two down, with ascension and descension coexisting in equilibrium. Two motorcycle sidecar teams - the Ascending and Descending Hacks – race in opposite directions while gelatinous gonadal forms - undifferentiated internal sex organs - emerge from slots in their uniforms in a migratory quest for directionality."

Cremaster 5 (55 minutes, 1997): "When total descension is finally achieved, it is envisioned as a tragic love story told in the form of a lyric opera and set in the romantic dreamscape of late-nineteenth-Century Budapest. Biological metaphors are replaced by emotional states - longing and despair - that become musical leitmotivs in the orchestral score. The opera's primary characters - the Queen of Chain (played by Ursula Andress) and her Diva, Magician, and Giant (all played by Barney) - enact collectively the final release promised by the project as a whole."

Cremaster 1 + 2 will be shown 7:30 p.m. March 29, 1:30 p.m. March 31 and 6:30 p.m. April 1. Cremaster 3 will be shown 7:30 p.m. March 29, 4 p.m. March 31 and 1 p.m. April 1. Cremaster 4 + 5 will be shown at 7:30 p.m. March 31, 4:30 and 9 p.m. April 1. Tickets for each of the three shows are $9, with a $2 discount for UM students, alumni, employees and seniors 62 and up.

Check out the trailer for Cremaster Cycle here:

The Rubells speak at Fairchild

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
10901 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables, 305-667-1651,

Donald and Mera Rubell of the Rubell Family Collection will discuss "An Intimate Look at the Rubell Family Collection" at Fairchild.

Established in 1964 in New York City, the collection, which includes Cindy Sherman, Kara Walker Keith Haring and Damien Hirst, now resides in a former DEA facility, where it presents annual themed exhibitions drawn from the growing collection. Their shows often travel and are currently on view at Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC and Fundacion Banco Santander in Madrid.

The Rubells talk will run 7 to 9 p.m. March 29. Cost for the Fairchild's Thursday night lectures are $25 for adult non-members, $18 for seniors and $12 for kids 6 through 17. There's a $5 discount ($2 for kids) who walk, ride their bike or take public transportation to Fairchild.

Creative Connection Arts Showcase

Hollywood Central Performing Arts Center
1770 Monroe Street, Hollywood,

Creative Connection Arts Showcase, billed as an event where people can "see and hear the creative side of baby boomers in our community, will feature theatrical readings, music performances, written works and Many Hands Make Artwork, a visual arts project by Art and Culture Center of Hollywood's newly established Creative Connection Arts Group. The event opens March 29 with a 6:30 p.m. reception and a 7 p.m. showcase. Admission is free.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Art of Wednesday

Aesthetics & Values 2012:  Kuhl and Leyton, New Hope Plantation, 2010, Acrylic tape, book tape on paper, (Courtesy of Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art)
Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum
Florida International University, Maidique Campus, 10975 S.W. 17th St., Miami, 305-348-2890,

 Aesthetics & Values 2012, an annual seminar of the Honors College at FIU, will examine how art can "initiate, accelerate, or combat social change."The resulting A&V exhibition of contemporary Miami artists is researched, organized and curated by students and this year will include work by David Rohn, Ed Levine, Gavin Perry, Gean Moreno, Jiae Hwang, Jillian Mayer, Kuhl and Leyton, Luis García-Nerey, Roberto Behar & Rosario Marquardt and Robert Chambers. The exhibition runs through April 18, with an opening reception during Target Wednesday After Hours, 6-9 p.m. March 28.

Also opening during Target Wednesday After Hours is Discrepant Modernism, an exhibition by the Master of Fine Arts Class of 2012 of FIU's School of Art and Art History.. The show, which will feature works by Alex Trimino, Pepe Mar and Peter Hammar, runs through April 18.

Locust Projects

3852 N. Miami Ave., Miami, 305-576-8570,

Shortness of Breath, a solo exhibition by Miami-based painter Natalya Laskis, features the artist's largest works yet made painting with broom brushes, skis and other tools and incorporating photographs and found images. The show runs through April 27, with an artist discussion moderated by Fredric Snitzer at 6:30 p.m. March 28. Running in conjunction with Laskis' show is Emmett Moore: High, Low and In Between in the Project Room. A walk-through with the Miami-based artist and designer will take place at 6:30 p.m. March 28. Locust's regular gallery hours are noon to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and by appointment.

Wood Tavern
2531 N.W. Second Ave., Miami

Philanthroparty is an event to help raise funds for PhilanthroFest, billed as a free outdoor event (held April 14 in Midtown Miami) where people can explore 75 philanthropic and cultural organizations and resources while enjoying musical, art, fashion, kids activities and food. The fundraiser runs 6 to 9 p.m. March 28. Admission is $20 donation at door and includes a free first drink and 30 percent off other drinks.

For info on more South Florida art news and events, visit

Artist Opportunities

Girls' Club is accepting film and video submissions from local female artists for the season finale of Chick Flicks, which will feature the documentary Our City Dreams. which takes viewers into the work spaces of New York artists Ghada Amer, Kiki Smith, Marina Abramovic, Nancy Spero and Swoon.

Submissions will be reviewed by Jillian Mayer, Antonia Wright and Samantha Salzinger. Artists must pay a $10 non-refundable fee for each video submitted and the submission deadline is May 9. Selected artists will be notified on May 18 and the winning submissions will be screened at 7 p.m. May 26 and be viewable on the Girls' Club blog May 28 through June 1. For submission guidelines, visit

Girls' Club is also accepting pre-registration for artists talks/workshops with photographer Peggy Levison Nolan (April 13 and 14), artist/photographer Odalis Valdavieso (May 18-19) and photographer Ania Moussawel (June 1-2). The Friday artists talks are free and open to the public and the 1 p.m.  Saturday workshops are $30.

Artists Haven Gallery promises $10,000 in cash and awards in its 2012 International Juried Fine Art Painting Competition to be held in June. Deadline is May 13. For details, visit

∗ Rolando Barrero is accepting submissions for Packaging Nature, billed as an all-media conceptual exhibition open to artist interpretation and "leaning heavily on the packaging of horticulture." For more info, call 786-521-1199 or send CD with sample of installation or artworks to Rolando Barrero, 707 Lake Ave N, Delray Beach, FL 33483. Deadline is April 6 and the exhibition will be held April 26 in conjunction with Boynton Beach Art District art walk.

Artlurker is accepting submissions for its Miami Writer's Prize, billed as a competition "aiming to get Miami residents to write critically about art" for an $800, eight-post stipend ( $100 per review). Judges include Hrag Vartanian (, Hunter Braithwaite (, Noah Becker ( and Paddy Johnson ( The deadline is May 4 and the winner will be announced May 18 on Artlurker and receive an award on  May 24 at Locust Projects. Check out the press release and guidelines.

Artists sought for The Troible With Girls at The Bubble
The 3rd annual The Trouble with Girls All-Female Art Revue is is scheduled for late April at The Bubble in Fort Lauderdale. Female artists and potential vendors should contact

Undergrounds Coffeehaus in Fort Lauderdale currently has an exhibition called March of the Winkies, but the two-week-long Wizard of Oz-themed show is one of many at their new venue that once housed Teat at Lily's. Other upcoming shows include Grimm Brothers and Others (April 21), Prom 2012 Enchanted Forest (May 5), Dr. Who (May 12), Mayflowers: A Craft Show (May 19), Robot Love: Space Age Art Show (May 26), Bitches and Pearls: Art Doggie Style (June 9) and Star Trek: A Tribute Show (June 16). Artists should e-mail Aileen Liptak through Undergrounds Facebook page. .

Bakehouse Art Complex in Miami is accepting applications for studio space. Deadline for applications is April 1. For more details, visit

∗ Entries are being accepted for Clay Art South Florida, an invitiational juried exhibition with $1500 in prizes, 20 awards in unconventional categories and works by Jan Kolenda, Jon Foster and Ry Nielsen. Jurors are Coral Springs Museum of Art executive director Barbara K. O'Keefe and arts writer and photographer Michael Mills. Ceramic works created by South Florida artists are eligible. No more than 5 images may be submitted by each artist. Entry fee is $25 and non-refundable. Deadline is April 30 and her's a link to the site where you register to get your entry form. The show runs June 8 through 28 at Kolb Exhibition Center at West Lake Park in Hollywood. For more details, e-mail

For a complete list of artist opportunities, visit Arterpillar's Artist Opportunities page.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

March of the Winkies

Stopped at Undergrounds Coffeehaus on Saturday night for the opening of March of the Winkies, the Wizard of Oz-themed show.

Artist K.C. McAlpin (left) and Undergrounds Coffeehaus owner Aileen Liptak
The new space is in the old location of Tea at Lily's (3020 N. Federal Highway, Fort Lauderdale) and I loved it. The cafe area has many tables and nooks where one can chat with friends, read a book, work on a computer or play board games. I'll definitely want to go back during the day for coffee and maybe some Tater Tots.

Enjoyed the Wizard of Oz-themed art too, and brought back some pics, which are in the slide show above. After clicking the arrow in the middle, click in the lower right hand corner of the slide show to expand the pics and then click on "show info" at top right to see the captions that accompany each photo. Or simply view the Flickr set.

March of the Winkies will run through April 7 and after that plenty more shows will be forthcoming. They include Grimm Brothers and Others (April 21), Prom 2012 Enchanted Forest (May 5), Dr. Who (May 12), Mayflowers: A Craft Show (May 19), Robot Love: Space Age Art Show (May 26), Bitches and Pearls: Art Doggie Style (June 9) and Star Trek: A Tribute Show (June 16).

You can keep up with them at Undergrounds Coffeehaus's Facebook

  For info on more South Florida art news and events, visit

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Art of the Weekend

Day 86 from Michael Herb's photography exhibition at ActivistArtistA Gallery (Photo courtesy of artist)

ActivistArtistA Gallery
422 W. Industrial Ave., Boynton Beach, 786-521-1199

Journalist/Voyeur is a photography exhibition by Michael Herb, who produced 365  images on 365 continuous days while traveling across country, and Jonathan Dvoretz, who "explores the voyeuristic gaze of the high-fashion world." The show opens 6 p.m. March 23 during Boynton Beach Art Walk which features open studios and galleries food trucks and live music from 5-9 p.m.

Empty Bowls for Haiti
Downtown Lake Worth, Joyce Brown at Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery at 561-588-8344,

The Empty Bowls Project, now in its third year, will benefit for children in Jacmel, Haiti, and will be presented by Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery, in cooperation with many Lake Worth restaurants who will offer food and dessert samplings in bowls created and donated by local artists. The bowls will be sold for $25, or $80 for four, with the proceeds donated to Haitian children. Bowls can be purchased in advance and selected at the event (first come, first serve) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. March 24.

 Florida Atlantic University Ritter Art Gallery
777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, 561-297-2595,

Gaze to Discover, an exhibition by Master of Fine Arts student Tabitha Pennekamp, features a dozen ceramic works that make up a word puzzle. The show opens with a reception 7-9 p.m. March 23 and runs through April 7. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday from 1 to 4 p.m. and Saturday 1 to 5 p.m.  Both the reception and the exhibition are free and open to the public.

Phillip Estlund's "Orange Crush" is on exhibit at Subprime/Subtropics at Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. (Photo courtesy of artist)

Art and Culture Center of Hollywood
1650 Harrison St., 954-921-3274,

Subprime/Subtropics, an exhibition of Phillip Estlund's "sculptures and two-dimensional collages that inhabit the psychological and physical terrain left behind by man-made and natural disasters," will open along with Elements, Moira Holohan's exhibition of  video animation, collages and assemblage inspired by earth, air, water,  6-9 p.m. March 23 and run through May 27. To read my story on Estlund, visit Sun-Sentinel's Showtime.

Artist's Eye Fine Art Gallery
38 S. Federal Highway, Dania Beach, 954-554-3153,

Walking Backward, a show of new watercolors, paintings and photographs by Timothy Leistner, runs through April 20, with an artist's reception 7-10 p.m. March 24.

Girls' Club

117 N.E. Second St., Fort Lauderdale (Hours are 1-5 p.m. Wednesday through Friday), 954-828-9151,
Artists in Action! is a series of monthly Friday artists talks (7 p.m.) followed by Saturday workshops (1 p.m.) The next will feature Marina Font (March 23-24) whose workshop will offer participants a chance to create a mixed-media photo panel from their own scanned work, digital creations, collages or photographs. Participants can send an image (at least 200 px resolution) to for reproduction.

Rossetti Fine Art Gallery
132 S.W. 15th St., Pompano Beach, 954-247-9580,

Kaleidescope, an open themed exhibition of 2D and 3D works juried by Barbara Falletta, will open 8-10 p.m. March 23 and run through April 12.

Kristin Frenzel's "Dorothy" will be on exhibit at March of the Winkies at Undergrounds Coffeehaus. (Photo courtesy of artist)
Undergrounds Coffeehaus
3020 N. Federal Highway, (Mardi Gras Balcony) Unit 5A, Fort Lauderdale, 954-630-1900,

March of the Winkies: A Wizard of Oz Art Show, an all-medium affair inspired by Wizard of Oz books, the movie or adaptations such as Wicked or the Tin Man Sci-Fi series, opens 8-11 p.m. March 24 and runs through April 7. For more details, see the Facebook event page:


6th Street Container Alternative Art Space
1155 S.W. Sixth St., Miami, 786-587-5279,

Photography by Women is an exhibition of female artists, some of whom work in fields other than photography but have a unique vision. The exhibition, which will include two photos from each featured photographer, includes Mireya Alfonso, Tania Bilbao, Celeste Boadas, Gendry Bossano, Cat del Buono, Toa Castellano, Vicky Cerda, Natalie Chiles, Lou Anne Colodny, Jeanne Cooper, Lilly Dominguez, Aleli Egues, Sunflower Faraldo, Violet Forest, Fiorella Gave, AdrienneRose Gionta, Karen Starosta-Gilinski, Moira Holohan, Marlene de Lazaro, Alyssa Larson, Jaqueline Lipsky, Stephanie Lupu, Elaine Minionis, Janele Proulx, Natalia Real, Maria Ricon, Gipsy Rodriguez, Michelle Sague, Carrie Sieh, Veronica Sharf-Garcia, Isabel Maria Sierra, Juana Valdes, Cristina Villamil, Evelyn Valdirio and Emily Vogel. The show will open 7-10 p.m. March 23 and run through April 16.

Claridge Hotel
3500 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, 786-342-7105,

Meet the Artist, a monthly event in featuring "complimentary champagne on arrival, half-priced cash bar and passed Hors d'oeuvres," runs 7:30-10 p.m. March 23. This month's artist: Andrew Ackerman. Parking is free across from the hotel. RSVP to number above or

 Iron Side Cafe
7600 N.E. Fourth Court, Miami, 305-759-0551

Iron Side Art Show, a four-hour event "a mixed-use campus of warehousing" featuring music, drinks and work by 19 Miami artists including Clarissa Rodriguez, From Lilu to You, Pay Aponte and Russ Ronat, starts at 8 p.m. March 24. Admission is free.

 For info on more South Florida art news and events, visit

The Art of Thursday

Kristin Frenzel will exhibit this work and others at Green Room. (Photo courtesy of artist)
Green Room
109 S.W. Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale, 954-449-1030,

Digital Love will feature art by Andrew Ackerman, Kristin Frenzel, Ian Santos and Rolando Chang Barrero, as well as Jacob Jeffries Band's video release (8-10 p.m.) music by Resonance, DJs Mig and Andie Sweetswirl and a food truck rally in the parking lot. Doors open at 8 p.m. March 22.

Mystic Water Kava Bar
2037 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 954-391-7056,

Kava Kraft Night is where host Ragamufyn will offer guests a chance to "learn how to turn a regular T-shirt into something fabulous," 5 to 8 p.m. March 22. Bring your own T-shirt or choose from the $2 shirts available and/or bring a project to work on and bond with other crafters.

Norton Museum of Art

1451 S. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach, 561-832-5196, Cost: $12 for adults, $5 for visitors ages 13-21, and free for members and children under 13

Outside/In: Florida Photographers Face to Face with the Museum Collection
, curated by the museum's new curator of photography Tim B. Wride, will feature work by Florida-based photographers Alexander Diaz (St. Augustine), Christopher Morris (Tampa), Eduardo del Valle and Mirta Gómez (Miami), Maria Martinez-Cañas and Valerie George (Pensacola).

Wride, former curator of photography at at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, used this exhibition to familiarize himself with Florida artists and the Norton’s Photography Collection which includes about 3,000 works, some of which will be shown alongside works by the Florida photographers to create a ‘dialog’ between the photographers and the collection.

The show opens at 5-9 p.m. March 22 during Art After Dark, the museum's weekly celebration of visual arts, performance and food (which includes Wride's 6:30 p.m. discussion with Maria Martinez-Cañas) and runs through June 10. A lecture by photographer Christopher Morris will be held at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 24.

For info on more South Florida art news and events, visit

Opening Friday: Phillip Estlund's Subprime/Subtropics

"Orange Crush," a collage on wood by Phillip Estlund (Photo courtesy of artist)
Orange Crush," artist Phillip Estlund's collage on found wood, depicts a post-flood image of a mangled home. Part of the structure has been lifted skyward, and much of the siding has been ripped off. The cracks and moldlike discoloration of the collage's wood base contributes to the dreariness of the scene. Adding some color, and perhaps hope, are brightly colored Florida oranges, with bright-green leaves still attached. The house appears to have landed on, but not crushed, the fruit, which is disproportionally large and suggestive of gifts Floridians ship to Northern relatives in order to brag, "I'm in a subtropical paradise while you're shoveling snow."

This 2007 collage is one of many works in "Subprime/Subtropics," Estlund's solo exhibition that opens Friday at the Art and Culture Center of Hollywood. ....To read more of my story, visit Sun-Sentinel's Showtime. ...

 For info on more South Florida art news and events, visit

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Art of Wednesday

Art Nouveau Events' The Poe Show at Respectable Street. Image courtesy of Art Nouveau Events
Respectable Street
518 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, 561-832-1570,

Poe, an art show themed round "murder, madmen, death, mystery and dark poetry," will include works by more than 25 artists, music from Danxiety, performances, body painting by Devious Body Art, dancing and art. The six-hour party, presented by artist Teresa Korber's Art Nouveau Events, will kick off at 8 p.m. March 21 and include an award,  (trophy and a gift certificate to Jerry's Artarama) for the best in show.

Palm Beach Photographic Centre
415 Clematis St., West Palm Beach, 561-253-2600, or

Wynn Bullock: Insights and Surprises will feature a selection of the artist's vintage black and white photos, images from his family's estate print program, vintage photographs from his wife Edna, who launched her photography career at 61, and 44 high-quality archival prints from a lesser known body of color work that Wynn Bullock called Color Light Abstractions and rarely exhibit except as slides in illustrated lectures. The show opens with a free reception with members of the Bullock family in attendance from 5:30 to 7 p.m. March 21.

After the opening reception, A Conversation on Bullock Photography, which will include a Power Point presentation and a Q&A session, will be held from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the auditorium of the neighboring West Palm Beach Library. Norton Museum curator of photography Tim Wride will facilitate the discussion with Brett Abbott, curator of photography at the High Museum in Atlanta; Gordon Brown, Palm Beach Photographic Centre’s 2012 FotoFusion Golden Career Award winner; Ray Merritt, photography curator and writer, and Bullock’s daughter and manager of the Bullock Estate, Barbara Bullock-Wilson and her husband Gene Bullock-Wilson.

The exhibition will remain on display through June 9 and the center's hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

 For info on more South Florida art news and events, visit

Monday, March 19, 2012

Meeting Imaginary Friends ...

I was really looking forward to checking out Imaginary Friends at 1310 Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, and the event, featuring three solo exhibitions on three floors of the gallery, did not disappoint.

A detail from Pail Caprio's Map of the Mind
Imaginary Friends came about after three artists (Juan Carlos Bravo, Paul Caprio and Ben Morey) from three counties were each offered a floor of the gallery to put on a solo exhibition. After they began communicating by phone and text, they decided they were all in some sense creating imaginary friends. On Saturday night, I met their Imaginary Friends, and brought back some images.

My story about the exhibition ran in Saturday's Sun-Sentinel ... and above is my slide show featuring photographs from the opening. After clicking the arrow in the middle, click in the lower right hand corner of the slide show to expand the pics and then click on "show info" at top right to see the captions that accompany each photo. Or simply view the Flickr set.

The show will run through the closing reception, 7-10 p.m. April 13 at 1310 Gallery, 1310 S.W. Second Court, Fort Lauderdale.

 For info on more South Florida art news and events, visit

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Art of Saturday

Juan Carlos Bravo's "More" will be on exhibit at All American, his solo exhibition at 1310 Gallery. (Photo courtesy of the artist)
1310 Gallery (Sailboat Bend Artist Lofts)
1310 Middle St., Fort Lauderdale, 305-975-6262,

Imaginary Friends, an event featuring three solo exhibitions by contemporary artists JC Bravo, Ben Morey and Paul Caprio, each on its own level of the gallery. Bravo's All American will feature his signature cabezone characters in an exploration of Americanism through pop culture. The cabezones are large-headed stubborn little creatures whose vulnerabilities shine through. His exhibition is designed to pose questions about "abundance, violence, sexuality and self-acceptance."

Paul Caprio's "Sleeping Giant" (Photo courtesy of the artist)
Morey's TV-PG features four years worth of drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos and  installation that Morey made in response to "social tension, self-medication and existential frustrations." His subjects, according to a press release from Gallery 1310, "evoke the playfulness of children’s toys and the over-the-top aesthetic of retro television and psychedelia, drizzling an unnervingly cheerful sugarcoating over the tension of each image and installation."

Caprio's Other World features ink drawings with the sort of details that pulls you into the picture and holds you hostage in a world that you cannot help but explore. As he put it in his blog, "I thoroughly enjoy the process of creation and heavy embellishment, not only because it challenges me as an artist, but also because I want these details to strengthen the artwork and push it to pass beyond the bounds of a simple fantasy element and into the realm of a believable and fully functional entity in its own. Nothing is off limits."

All three shows open 6-10 p.m. March 17 and run through the closing reception, 7-10 p.m. April 13.

The Bubble
810 N.E. Fourth Ave., Fort Lauderdale, 954-562-3804,

The Art of Pain will feature visual artists, performers and musicians exploring the connection between pain and art and the impact of suffering on the creative process. Exhibiting artists will include Jen Locane, Kimberly Kearney, Rory Carracino, Valyn Calhoun, Kristen Frenzel, Wendy Doscher-Smith, Gina Bentivigna and others. The show, which will also include performance by Pocket of Lollipops, The Loxahatchee Sinners Union, Xela Zaid and Dooms De Pop, will be held 7 p.m. to midnight March 17 and artists should contact Admission is $10 and includes free drinks and a bracelet that will also get you a free drink at the after-party at Green Room.

Gallery 101
3354 N.E. 33rd St., Fort Lauderdale, 954-882-1861,

Cityscapes, featuring the drawings, painting and sculptures of architect Gerald Donel, opens 7-10 p.m. March 17 and runs through April 15.

 Inverrary Country Club
3840 Inverrary Blvd., Lauderhill

Paint with the Lauderhill Arts Center artists from 2 to 5 p.m. March 17.

Bird Road Art Walk
Just off the Palmetto Expressway between Bird Road and S.W. 48th Street, Miami, 305-476-6819,

Bird Road Art Walk
runs 7-10 p.m. March 17 and will feature a free shuttle to shows at 3rd Door Art Project (which will present the works of its nine resident artists), Abuela Art Gallery, Aperture Studios, Luisa Mesa Artspace, The Yellow Canopy and more than two dozen other art spaces.

From MANO's "People You May Know" (photo courtesy of the artist)
MANO Fine Art Project Space
4225 S.W. 75th Ave., Miami, 305-467-6819,

People You May Know, an exhibit in which MANO explores "the reality of making friends online" and "posts" the question: "Are you my friend?" The show will run through the closing artist reception that runs 7-10 p.m. March 17 during Bird Road Art Walk.

Miami Art Museum
101 W. Flagler St., Miami, 305-375-1704,

The Record: Contemporary Art and Vinyl, a mixed-media group show of 41 artists whose subject or medium has been records, will include audio works, drawings, installations, paintings, performance, photographs, sculpture and video. Among the works will be "Viophonograph," Laurie Anderson's "hybrid violin and record player," "Recycled Records," a work by Christian Marclay, who has been transforming records into art works for three decades.

The exhibition, which will also include works by Ed Ruscha, Carrie Mae Weems, Jasper Johns, Lyota Yagi, Mingering Mike, Taiyo Kimura and William Cordova, will be accompanied by several programs produced by an advisory committee that includes Andrew Yeomanson a.k.a. DJ Le Spam of Spam Allstars, Sweat Records owner Lauren "Lolo" Reskin, artist and Lester's owner Daniel Milewskiartists Nicolas Lobo and Michael Genovese, O, Miami founder P. Scott Cunningham and others.

The programs, which will include panel discussions, record swaps and DJ battles, will take place at Miami Art Museum and elsewhere. The Record, which pays homage to vinyl, will open 6-9 p.m. March 17 and run through June 10. For details on accompanying programs, visit

"Gravity" by Jessie Rebik on exhibit in Pictures of Nothing at JF Art Gallery (Photo courtesy of JF Art Gallery)
 JF Art Gallery
3901 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, 561-478-8281,

Pictures of Nothing, an open-themed group exhibition juried by Florida Atlantic university associate professor Carol Prusa and featuring works by 20 artists including Victoria Rose Martin, Karla Walter, Deborah Neuhaus and Irene Adams, runs March 15 through April 1, including  a reception featuring Best of Show award presentation, 6-9 p.m. March 17.

 For info on more South Florida art news and events, visit

The Art of Friday

The Pride Center
2040 N. Dixie Highway, Wilton Manors

Women in History: Past and Present, a show presented by Chic Flix (creators of, Denise and Donna of The Lesbian Lounge, New Moon Bar and She Magazine, will feature photography, mixed media works, sculpture, paintings and graphic art, by 13 women artists.

The exhibition, which will include works by photographer Michelle Brecher, Teepop and Julie Kassim, will run through March 31, with a reception 6-10 p.m. March 16, the same night as Wilton Manors Art Walk.

The event will also include baked artworks by Lexi of PanConPan and burlesque dancing by Coco Deville of Brass Knuckle Bombshells. Free parking is plentiful.

Island City Art Walk
Wilton Drive area, between Sunrise Boulevard and Oakland Park, Wilton Manors, 954-547-9014,

Island City Art Walk is a chance to check out the work of more that 40 artists while touring art studios and exploring area stores, cafes and restaurants, 7-10 p.m. March 16.

Florida Atlantic University Schmidt Center Gallery
777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, 561-297-2595,

Surfing Florida: A Photographic History is a project that University Galleries director W. Rod Faulds and curator Paul Aho have been developing for three years. Aho, head of photography and digital imaging for Paducah School of Art, has been surfing in Florida for most of his life. More than 50 local and international photographers including Tom Dugan , Richard Messerol, Jeff Divine, Steve Wilkings, Nic Lugo and Ryan Gamma) are contributing to this exhibition which unites people and organizations who document Florida’s surf history.

The show, which includes surfboards that represent eight decades of surfing in Florida, will open 6:30-9 p.m. March 16 with a reception that includes comments from Steve Pezman, co-founder of Surfer's Journal and former editor and publisher of Surfer magazine, and music by Cutback Surf Band and GuyHarvey.

The exhibition will continue through May 12 with special events that include a lecture on “Surf Music” by FAU ethnomusicologist Jamie Cunningham, and a discussion of Florida’s “Maritime History” by University of Central Florida historian Mark Long. The University Galleries are open Tuesdays through Fridays, from 1 to 4 p.m., and Saturdays from 1 to 5 p.m.

For info on more South Florida art news and events, visit

Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Art of Thursday

Miss CoCo Deville of Brass Knuckle Bombshells (Photo courtesy of Starry Night Photography)
Stage 84
9118 W. State Road 84, Davie, 954-474-5040,

Dr. Sketchy is an evening of drinking, eating and drawing a model that poses for periods ranging from 5 to 20 minutes. This month's model is Miss CoCo Deville, a burlesque performer of Brass Knuckle Bombshells. Bring a sketch book, a hard drawing surface (if you have one) and your pencils, pens or crayons. No easels. Artistic skills are not a pre-requisite. If you can doodle an image on a cocktail napkin, you will be welcome here. The session runs 7-10 p.m. March 15. Tickets are $12 in advance ( or $10 at the door.

Mystic Water Kava Bar
2037 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, 954-391-7056,

Kava Kraft Night is where host Ragamufyn will offer guests a chance to "learn how to turn a regular T-shirt into something fabulous," 5 to 8 p.m. March 15. Bring your own T-shirt or choose from the $2 shirts available and/or bring a project to work on and bond with other crafters.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden
10901 Old Cutler Road, Coral Gables, 305-667-1651,

Thursday night art lectures include Cathy Leff of the Wolfsonian-FIU Museum on "The Persuasive Power of Ordinary Objects" at 7 p.m. March 15. Cost $25 for adult non-members, $18 for seniors and $12 for kids 6 through 17. There's a $5 discount ($2 for kids) who walk, ride their bike or take public transportation to Fairchild.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Joan Lehman Building, 770 NE 125th Street, North Miami, 305-893-6211,

Rita Ackermann’s survey exhibition is billed as an examination of “the artist’s paintings throughout her career and the changes in her work that occurred through her immersion into Western culture.” The show, curated by the museum’s executive director and chief curator Bonnie Clearwater, will include several previously unexhibited paintings, drawings and collages from 1993 onward. The exhibition opens 7 p.m. March 15 with a special performance by Gang Gang Dance and runs through May 6. Opening night admission is $10 for non-members.

Norton Museum of Art

1451 S. Olive Ave., West Palm Beach, 561-832-5196, Cost: $12 for adults, $5 for visitors ages 13-21, and free for members and children under 13

Art After Dark,
featuring local musicians and performers, wine and beer tastings, exhibition tours, films, lectures and food, runs 5 to 9 p.m. each Thursday. The March 15 event doubles as a St. Patrick's Day celebration and features a home-brew competition, Corning Hot Glass Road Shows and a program co-hosted by WRMF 97.9 that will feature Uproot Hootenanny (Celtic roots) and the Doohickeys.  Admission is $12 for non-members, $5 for students and an additional $3 for those attending a Corning Hot Glass Road Show.

For info on more South Florida art news and events, visit