Sunday, November 25, 2012

FLASHBACK: Art Scavenger Hunt


Art Scavenger Hunt was totally fun as usual.

As we arrived around 7:30 p.m. some of the artists were just hitting the streets to hide their works. 

A crowd had already begun gathering at Laser Wolf and some were more prepared than others. One woman wore a flashlight on her head miner-style, while another sported gloves and carried a long stick to poke into the bushes. We saw a man in what appeared to be his lucky hunting hat, and Charlotte Sundquist even brought her own ladder. 
ART SCAVENGER HUNT: Waiting for the maps.

Once the maps went out, everyone was off and running. Squeals of delight echoed down back alleys as people poking through bushes and peering into dumpsters found hidden works which included paintings, photographs, prints and sculptures.

One small work was really high up on a building, sitting atop a window covering. Two people were throwing something up there to try to knock it down and finally, it fell to the ground and was swooped up. Another art work was on the edge of a roof on the other side of a barbed write fence. Initially, people were using sticks to try to reach it, but then a guy started to climbed the fence with the rows of barbed wire atop it. I couldn't look anymore so I don't know how that story ended.

Look what I found!
It's easy to miss things. so seeing someone poking around bushes and coming away empty-handed doesn't mean you shouldn't try it. I kept poking around in this one thick bush, feeling sure there was something in there, and seconds after I abandoned it, someone jumped in there and emerged with a fabulous find.

I continued making my way down the alley, turning over old boards and looking into every nook and cranny. Outside a bay door, I spotted a rusty old paint can lid that everyone was passing right on by. I turned it over and found a paintbrush stuck to it. The color of the lid and the paint still on the brush was handicapped-parking-lot-stripe blue ... just like the bikes from the Blue Bike Project, an adventure I've followed and loved for years.

I treasure my find and after heading back to Laser Wolf, got it signed by the Blue Bike Project and Art Scavenger Hunt founder Steve Sticht, who pointed out the little hole in the brush that makes the work perfect for hanging.

We also found an unopened envelope that read "Moxie Nox photo" on the outside. Inside was a picture taken at a carnival. It's a silhouette of a ferris wheel and some other rides. I was unable to find the artist outside Laser Wolf ... but thanks Moxie!!

I did find Charlotte Sundquist standing behind her giant find. The artist who made it, Brandon Webb, said he also had another large work, which was four feet on each side, in the hunt. Asked how one can hide something that big, Webb said he turned the work around and wrote "Garage Sale" on the back of it.
Charlotte Sundquist and her finds ....

Later, we found Sundquist standing beside her car with her very large art work. It was just a few inches short of being able to fit in her vehicle. Fortunately, Webb learned of her dilemma and offered to deliver it.

It was a fun night and best I can tell, even those who didn't find any work, seemed to be having fun.

Above is a slide show with some pics, as well as some photos I took in F.A.T. Village before heading to the hunt. I took many more, too, but my camera doesn't do so well with night photography, so these are the ones I could salvage. Sorry if some are a tad blurry.

To read the accompanying descriptions, click the lower right hand corner of the slide show ... and then click on "show info" (at top) so you can read the text for each ...  or simply view the Flickr set.

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