Thursday, September 27, 2012

New feature: Dinkydoodles Page!

Ernesto Kunde needs beach umbrellas. (Image courtesy of the artist)
 OK, it's time for yet another new feature on Arterpillar.

For some time now, I have been thinking of starting a Dinkydoodle page. OK, so that's kind of a made-up word, but this time, I didn't make it up. My mom did. When I was little, I used to play with these toys ... They were plastic and hollow and they had a little part that stuck out of one end and hooked into the hole of another. You could make necklaces out of them, or just link one colored one after another (blue, red, green ... blue, red, green)  and use your imagination. If you were feeling rather special, you could even make a little crown to put atop your head while you ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Anyway, she always called them Dinkydoodles, and I never doubted that they were just that. Later in my life, when the subject of toys would come up I would ask people if they used to play with Dinkydooles and no one had any idea what I what talking about ... Turned out they did play with these things but Dinkydoodles was not really the proper term for them. My mom apparently just made it up, the same way I think she made up that thing about how I would get the curly hair I wanted if I would just eat my bread crusts instead of leaving them behind on my plate.

Anyway, I'm bringing back the word Dinkydoodles and using it here as a blanket term to describe all those unusual things artists search for to make their works, whether it's something they use on an ongoing basis or just something they need for a particular project.

Maybe you use yellow bird cages, purple crayons, egg cartons, game pieces, old watches, heart-shaped stones, metal garbage can lids, record albums, blue wine bottles  ... whatever it is, I'll list it here.

Send me your little listing ( with Dinkydoodles in the subject line ...  and unless you tell me to post it for less time, I'll keep this on the Dinkydoodles page for one month. If you want to update after that time, just send it to me again with any necessary updates.
Ernesto Kunde seeks more corrugated aluminum shutters.
(Image courtesy of the artist)

Things to remember:

1. The more specific you can be, the better. If you only need Purple Crayola crayons, for instance, please say so. Do the items need to be brand new, or it's OK, or perhaps even better, if they're a little battered?

2. Also, people will need a means for contacting you, so include an e-mail or phone number where people can reach you. Stating what town or you live in and whether you are willing to pick up the Dinkydoodles, might help too.

3. Also, please include a Web site.

4. If you are making something in particular from all those Dinkydoodles you are gathering and want to include a nice pic of one of those things you made already, that would be great too, as I will include some of those.
Be as thorough as you can, as I won't likely have time to follow up and track down all the necessary details.

I think this could be a fun page, and a way for people to help out local artists and get rid of some of the things that they have been collecting but in the end, don't really want or need ... that drawer full of wine bottle corks, Altoid tins or marbles.

The first listing on the page, which I will be adding to the blog this week, is Miami artist Ernesto Kunde's search for beach umbrellas for a project he'll be working on through the end of 2013. See an image of of his beach umbrella at the top of this post. He's also seeking corrugated aluminum shutters (see one of his shutter works pictured here) on which to create works. So if you were lucky enough to get fancy new shutters that take just a few minute to slide shut and have those old ones still taking up room in their garage ... contact Ernesto via at or

E-mail me your Dinkydoodle page listings (with Dinkydoodles) in the subject line, to I'll be launching the page later this week.

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  1. Great idea and thank you very much

  2. This is amazing! I love it!
    In the same spirit.. the Gallery hosts a yearly event called the ART GARAGE SALE (This year it's on Nov. 11th), where we encourage artists to bring all their "Dinkydoodles" which have accumulated and sell, share, or barter them among eachother! It's really surprising the suff that turns up...

    I love the word "dinkydoodles' !!

    I applaude your committment to the arts!

  3. Thanks!! Please send along some details on the Art Garage sale too! I love the word Dinkydoodles too ... I don't know where my Mom ever got that word.

  4. Here it is...the basics!

    The 2nd Annual
    Art Garage Sale
    Sunday November 11, 2012
    From 1 to 5 PM

    Call 786-521-1199

    We had so much fun last year we're doing it again!

    Clean out your Studios and Galleries!

    A networking fun filled afternoon getting to know artists from around the Tri-County Area who enjoy the Art of the Deal!


    Bargains! Bargains! Bargains!

    Sell those old ART magzines, books, easels, acrylics, Frames. brushes etc..
    Someone is going to make good use of them!

    Remember your trash may well be someone else's treasure!!!

    Vendor Fee $25