Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Upcoming: Brickell Art Walk

The second Brickell Art Walk will take place from 5 to 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 28 (and the last Tuesday of every month). The event will feature exhibitions by 11 artists and performances by Plan Beats and singer-songwriter and guitarist Peter Betan in the Mary Brickell Village area.

Read on for info on the art exhibitions ...

Laelanie Larach (Image courtesy of the artist)
Mary Brickell Village Courtyard
901 S. Miami Ave., Miami, 305-381-6130,

Laelanie Larach a Honduras-born self taught artist, will exhibit photographs in which she strives for an effect she calls half-painting and half photographs. "I wanted to develop a style that would combine both photography and painting in a single artwork," she notes in her artist statement.

Also exhibiting in Mary Brickell Village Courtyard are Venezuelan-born painter and sculptor, Julio Aguilera and body painter Eva Marcela Avila

Jorge-Miguel Rodriguez will exhibit Swarm and other works at Balan's Brickell (Image courtesy of the artist)
Balan's Brickell
900 S. Miami Ave., Miami, 305-534-9191,

Many Ideas, Not Enough Time is Miami artist Jorge-Miguel Rodriguez's blend of street art and abstract painting.

"Boom Boom" by Xibie Correa @ Burger and Beer Joint (Image courtesy of the artist)
Burger and Beer Joint
900 S. Miami Ave., Miami, 305-523-2244,

Xibie Correa, a Brazilian-born artist who loves in Miami, will exhibit paintings including "Boom Boom," the acrylic on canvas shown above.

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer," she notes in her statement. "No, I am not saying that art is my enemy ... However, it is something that is bigger than an addiction. It is larger than something I can even comprehend and most definitely, something I cannot control. I must paint, doodle, draw, anything. So I embrace - everyday. I embrace and develop my thoughts. I fight my own hands and struggle while developing my own skills in order to try to make a visual impact (always with high hopes of bringing a smile to people’s faces). As I create, I become. I am lucky. I am a lucky artist that can express myself and let my own little world come out of my heart, for you to see."

Lugufelo will exhibit at Burger and Beer Joint during Brickell Art Walk.(Image courtesy of the artist)
Lugufelo, whose real name is Luis G. Fernandez, became interested in construction and the use of various materials while accompanying his father, an engineer who specialized in structure, to the construction sites of many projects as a child. As an artist, he uses a wide variety of metals and treatments to create sculptures that blend shapes, shadows and color.

Tatiana Castaneda will exhibit "Miami Girl" and other works at Brickell Art Walk (Image courtesy of the artist)
Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita
1000 S. Miami Ave., Miami, 305-403-3103,

Tatiana Castaneda will exhibit works from her Seeking Beauty collection, which features collage/mixed media works she makes from materials including paper, fabric and crystal beads. "This collection represents the study of women beyond the sensuality of the female figure," she notes. "True beauty in people is often overlooked; through collage and the use of layers my goal is to inspire all women to re-connect with the beauty which lies within them. It is also a call to men to look at women as when we look at a piece of art. Look past the surface and appreciate more of the complete picture."

The Oceanaire Seafood Room
900 S. Miami Ave., Suite 111, Miami, 305-372-8862, 

Alex Morales will exhibit.

Baru Urbano
1001 S. Miami Ave., Miami, 305-381-5901,

Marco Caridad will exhibit work from his collection "Love of Love," or "Amante Amor." As he notes in a statement about the work, "All human beings are driven by love. Whether it is to get love, give love or to make up for a lack of love this is the most unique human need. It is because of my personal connection with love that I was inspired to create the series of artwork that I will be performing and presenting during my stay in Miami. Thanks to my love of love, I am here today, but no matter how much love I have in my heart, I still long for it… so I decided to paint."

Red Bar & Gallery
52 S.W. 10th St., Miami, 786-316-0303,

Growing up in Manhattan, Miguel Paredes was known as a graffiti-writer known as “Mist” but rather than execute trains or make a lifestyle out of it, he said in an interview I did with him a few years back, he used his artistic ability to get into Fiorello LaGuardia High School of Music and Art, which threatened to kick out students arrested for graffiti. “The last thing I wanted was to get kicked out of La Guardia,” he said.

In 1986, Paredes hit Miami Beach where he made $500 a week serving as an apprentices to a man he described as a former FBI art-forgery expert who replicated works by the masters and gave them his own twist. The concept was to create paintings the masters might have made if they’d lived an additional 10 or 20 years and had more colors in their palettes.

His early exposure to street art and four-year crash course in studying the matsers, continue to play a role in the works he produces, some of which will be on exhibit at Red Bar Gallery.
Emil Bodourov will exhibit "Tango" and other works at Perricone's Marketplace in Miami. (Image courtesy of the artist)
Perricone's Marketplace
15 S.E. 10th St., Miami, 305-374-9449,

After 10 years working in New York as a muralist, Bulgarian-born artist Emil Bodourov moved to Miami in 1996 an began painting canvases. The artist recently had a solo exhibition at Acoustic Architects in Wynwood, and will now exhibit at Brickell Art Walk.

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