Sunday, July 29, 2012

Arterpillar's Pics: F.A.T. Village Art Walk

Cenigma (Photo by Arterpillar)
F.A.T. Village Art Walk was fun as usual on Saturday. I got to check out the new space for Helium Creative/Project Fine Art, see Diego Romero's works at the Puppet Network, spend time at Samsara Folk Art Gallery and view The Artists of Fat Village Exhibition.

It was at the latter show that I saw the artist Cenigma (at right) selling raffle tickets to raise money for F.A.T. Village. Seems she is always raffling works to raise money for things she believes in.

I also saw new works by many long-familiar artists and encountered work by artists I was not familiar with, which is always fun.

There's more I could say, but the pictures (and captions) tell the story. They're in the slide show above. Expand by clicking the lower right hand corner and then click on "Show Info" (at top) for titles  ... or just view the Flickr set.  

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  1. Thanks for the coverage, Colleen - we wanted to go but got wrapped up with a a day crammed with a wedding and the John Waters show @ Parker. Hope all is well with you, hope to cross paths soon.

  2. Hey Michael Farver .... Thanks for reading. Hope you had fun at the wedding and the show!