Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Art is About posts a video and pics from Misael Soto's Beach Towel (Memorial Day) as well as a schedule of his East Coast tour that kicks off in August and includes stops in Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale.... Art Is About also sends readers to the Bass Museum to see work by Charles Ledray, an artist who started his career as the security guard at Seattle Art Museum.

Artlurker announces the winner of the 2012 Miami Writers Prize.

Artist Ashley M. Sheppard provides a closeup step-by-step look at a commission she worked on in a post titled "Commission."
Jennifer Love Girdona takes us under the sea with her latest works.
Jennifer Love Gironda created some beautiful works for the Enchantment Under the Sea show that opens June 2 at the Green Room. They feel peacefully, silently underwater. ...

Photographer Monica McGivern shares some behind-the-scene photos taken during a shoot for the cover Invisible Music's album.

Art Blog Art Blog has posted pics from the Leave It to Beavers show which runs through July 14 at Gallery Diet in Wynwood.

Beached Miami's Insta pic of the week is a smile-prompter.

One of a dozen pics posted by artist Amy Gross on Amy Looks Closer
Artist Amy Gross posts pics of a holiday Monday without people on her blog Amy Looks Closer.

Miami Art Exchange has a story on Eclipse, Hannes Bends' smelly, yet though-provoking exhibit that includes tires from a failed reef.

 A video of Agustina Woodgate's Focus Point lecture at Bass Museum.

If you want to know what inspired this, read the post by Diana "Didi" Contreras.
Diana "Didi" Contreras posts a pic of a mural she did with Alexandra "Lushy" Seda at Bird Road Art Walk, along with some words about what inspired it.

Artist Rolando Chang Barrero has a new Tumblr.

If you missed the Chick Flicks season finale at Girls' Club, you can still watch the five featured videos from South Florida artists on the Girls' Club, but only through June 2.

Michelle Winberg's work in Pictorial Record at Bob Rauschenberg Gallery in Fort Myers.
Michelle Weinberg posts some pics of her work from the opening of Pictorial Record at Bob Rauschenberg Gallery in Fort Myers.

Girls' Club also offers some details on call to artists the 3rd annual Art in the Square Art Festival in Delray Beach, info on how to apply for Miami Light Project's Here and Now 2013 and  and great pics of some of the collages made at the recent Artists in Action! workshop that Miami artist Odalis Valdivieso conducted at Girls' Club.

Samantha Salzinger has 15 minutes of fame, well 14:47 minutes to be exact, in Jacques de Beaufort's recent video interview with the artist. Stick with the video until the very end.

Misael Soto at Beach Towel (Memorial Day)
Misael Soto shares an Instragram pic of him taken during his Beach Towel (Memorial Day) ... Check out all those people on his giant beach towel.

Betweeners is a regular feature that allows Arterpillar to justify her time spent reading other local art blogs and surfing for local art news ... and to talk about herself in third person in italics. 

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