Friday, February 17, 2012


Jon Hunt's "One More Coat Oughta Do It" will be in Bear and Bird's Be There Be Square 2 Show (photo courtesy of Hunt).
Jon Hunt posted an image of "One More Coat Oughta Do It," the work he will exhibit at Bear and Bird's  upcoming Square show on his blog, 26 Hour Day.

Mendy House Flash Mob hit the Galleria last weekend and here's the video to prove it.

Art Is About has posted some pics and a video of last weekend's Second Saturday Art Walk in Wynwood, as well as Eddie Arroyo's Q&A with Trong Gia Nguyen, a New York-based artist and curator who was recently a guest resident at Legal Art.

Patrick Maxcy is drawing $60 portraits for fun (photo courtesy of Maxcy).
Patrick Maxcy is creating hand-drawn portraits for $60 and I'm betting he'll have a lot of takers. It's not something he plans to do a lot, he says. Just for a little fun on the side.The one at right is "Mike."

Beached Miami also posted Second Saturday Art Walk photos.

Neil de la Flor wrote bout a dance performance that will take place around a floating canoe set at Deering Estate next weekend on Knight Arts blog.

Diana Contreras posted a pic of "La Cubanita," her new mural on a Goodwill store in Miami.

Wonderland Magazine has a story on Miami multimedia artist Jessy Nite, who is currently exhibiting at Primary Projects in Miami

Georgette Pressler of Devious Body Art is so over Facebook and you can read about it on her new blog.

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