Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fun stuff ...

Artist and curator AdrienneRose Gionta has a new project in the works. Like Say My Name, one of her previous projects (see above), it's about her name. It's also about you ... if you participate. (photo courtesy of AdrienneRose Gionta)
Artist and curator AdrienneRose Gionta is seeking collaborators for her Sign My Name project, and taking part is ever so easy-peasy. All participants must do is sign AdrienneRose Gionta's name on a piece of paper and include their name, age, current location, relation to artist (how you know her), motto and favorite color on the back of their submission or in a separate e-mail.

Collaborators should then mail their signature of AdrienneRose's name(AdrienneRose Gionta, c/o MBUS, 420 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach FL 33139) or photograph or scan it and then e-mail it her Adriennerose.gionta@gmail.com.

Says Gionta in her statement: "I am interested in collecting and observing the differences and similarities in how each person that is connected to me signs my name. My signature of my name along with your signature of my name will be analyzed by a graphologist. Each signature, along with the results, will be compiled into the Sign My Name project catalog. Select signatures will be produced as neon signs for a future installation."

I love easy-peasy fun projects, so count me in.

Wigglers needed for flash mob


If you can wiggle and have always wanted to be part of a flash mob, plan to be at Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale at 2 p.m. Feb. 12 for the Mendy House Flash Mob. According to Mendy House, participants should arrive early and look busy doing something such as playing Frisbee, jogging or playing soccer. "Then once you hear the music, you will see the Mendy Sisters start the dance ... slowly people will add on. it is important that everyone does not start at the same time. Be sure to look like you are surprised and don't know what's going on before you jump in! After the mob, it is essential that you disperse back into the activities that you were doing prior to the dance. That is a very important part of our flash mob video. ... Invite all of your friends, the more the merrier. Hopefully this will go viral and we will all be famous!"

The instructional video is posted above so you can start practicing, and then just show up at 2 p.m. Feb. 12 at Holiday Park in Fort Lauderdale.

 "A flash mob is something we've always wanted to do so we are really excited and have 80 people that have RSVP'd already!," says Tracy Mendy, photographer and creative director at The Mendy House.  "We are excited."

If you have any questions, visit Facebook.com/events/327784057255466.

For info on more South Florida art news and events, visit Arterpillar.blogspot.com.


  1. Thanks Colleen! Looking forward to seeing all of our old friends and meeting new ones!

    friend us at Facebook.com/Themendyhouse for more information!